Join me, for Radiology and More!

funny radOn my very first day as a radiology resident, my teacher asked me to describe an x-ray put on an illuminators in front of her.

” What do you see” ?

“Nothing”: I replied.

“To see more than nothing you will have to learn to enjoy your cup of coffee with these black images”

It was just an absurd comment for me back then.

From that day on I picked up pace fairly well. I was learning, or at least I thought so. My reports improved from “nothing” to “something”.

But was I comfortable come what may for reporting?

Was I satisfied concluding my reports?

Was I enjoying reading those Black images or was I way too intimidated by their blackness?

The fact is we often tend to become too complacent in our own bubble of knowledge until something breaks it.

Mine broke and the feeling was not that of a pleasure.

In a  field as diverse as radiology complacency is an act of stupidity.

You cannot learn radiology in a week’s crash course, a month or even in years of training. It will take you a lifetime. A  lifetime where you have to make every day count.

To make my days count, as I re-learn the shades of grey from “nothing” to “something”,  Join me at The Study Chair,

and yes” don’t forget to enjoy your cup of coffee with it” !!


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